Empowering Moms, Impacting Families

Investing In The Next Generation

Each and Everyday!

Empowering Moms, Impacting Families

Investing In The Next Generation

Each and Everyday!

Are You A Mom Who’s Lost YOUR Identity?

Are You A Mom Who’s Lost YOUR Identity?

Busy Working Mother with Kid

Being a mom is hard.

There are so many demands, duties, responsibilities and you just feel pulled in so many directions all the time.

How can you even begin to prioritize when EVERYTHING is urgent?

No wonder you feel like you can’t catch a break!

Feeling Like You’re Drowning In Overwhelm?

Feeling Like You’re Drowning In Overwhelm?

Ask yourself these questions....

Do you feel like you can't escape

the chaos at home?

Do you often feel anxious and alone?

Do you struggle with mom guilt

and self-doubt?

Are you constantly comparing

yourself to other moms?

Tired,  and Children Running in Living Room with Toys and Playing for Energy, Noise and Active. Burnout, Headache and Stress with Mom and Dad with Fatigue and Kids for Crazy,  and Youth

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Beacon of Hope Heart Centered Coaching is exactly what you've been looking for! We're here specifically for moms like you, who are ready to regain their identity and go from overwhelm to an EMPOWERED MOM!

Believe Me It Is Possible

Believe Me It Is Possible

I get it, it's a juggle between family and self. Now imagine if you had some simple steps to get you out of those feelings of guilt and exhaustion and into feeling calm, confident and empowered.

And you can do all of this while still

taking care of your family!

You can have both! A happier you AND

a happier family!

I’m here to tell you all of this is possible. You can feel like a calmer more

empowered mom amidst the chaos.

Get Ready To Take Back Your Power!

Get Ready To Take Back Your Power!

12-Week Empowered Mom Program

Creating A Calmer Mom Amidst The Chaos

Pastel Heart Bullet Point

Envision and create what it’s going to look like living as a calmer more empowered mom

Discover and break through what is holding you back from being that mom right now

Create your new empowered mom story by learning new skills and strategies that will support this new way of being

Stand in your new identity of being a mom who is now an empowered individual with her own identity and will empower her family to do the same





Empowered Moms Working Together

Empowered Moms Working Together

Pastel Heart Bullet Point

6-Week Group Coaching Program

Moms Finding Serenity Amidst The Chaos


Program Starts




Program Starts



Group of Women Doing Heart Shape in Hands over Sunset

In 6 Weeks You’ll Get The Tools To:

Identify and Manage Stressors

Prioritize Self-Nurturing

Stay Present with Mindfulness

Pastel Heart Bullet Point

Delegate Effectively

Create Balanced Structures

Maintain Long-Term Serenity

Here’s a FREE quick lifeline to overcoming your overwhelm now!

You can use this resource anytime, anywhere - it's quick (just 5 minutes!), simple and effective and can be used whenever you need it most.

How I Overcame Overwhelm To Become

A Calm Empowered Mom

How I Overcame Overwhelm To Become

A Calm Empowered Mom

Hi. I’m Christine, proud mother of two children (one with multiple-diagnosed special needs), wife to a wonderful man, and an emotional trauma survivor. I am also a coach and mentor who is passionate about supporting women to recover their inner power and resilience. I know firsthand what it’s like to feel like you’re drowning in overwhelm and anxiety and I know what it’s like to need support when the sea gets rough.

It wasn’t easy to go from that place of complete overwhelm and exhaustion. It didn't happen overnight, I committed to embarking on a journey of self-awareness, self-compassion, and empathy. Coming from a place of curiosity and exploration of possibility, I was able to learn and embrace new skills and habits that allowed me to release that self-judgement and finally become a calm mom amidst all the chaos.

I'm offering a fun safe space for moms who are ready to embrace this journey of discovery so that they too may experience releasing those feelings of overwhelm, self-doubt, fear, shame, anxiety and constant comparison to other moms.

I am here to help YOU to connect to YOUR deepest yearning, turn towards yourself, and still be the amazing mother that you already are!

“ Christine has embraced her feminine spirit as she holds space for a garden to grow with in you.

She'll help you navigate the storms and remind you that you are safe even when life gets turbulent.

Christine is intuitive, patient and devoted to your success. There is no one else like her. I promise

you'll love her. ”

- Alicia

“ Christine is a gifted coach. She creates a sacred space for women to be in their unvarnished truth

and with deep listening and compassion, brings awareness to old stories that keep us stuck.

Through focused powerful questions, Christine shines a light so the path forward becomes clear

with renewed courage and confidence to create a new future. ”

— Laura - Inner Alignment Coach & Hypnotherapist

“ Christine is kind, caring and compassionate while also being professional. She has confidence in

what she is doing and asks thought provoking questions that allows you to relax and trust the

process. I liked how I was able to stay open and see where that journey would take us. ”

- Alex

Doing the coaching sessions with Christine has really helped me to remove some blocks I have had

in place since childhood. She knows what questions to ask to take a person deeper, and she asks

them in such a gentle and accepting way that it helped me have the courage to really look truthfully

at the past, at things I have been burying and avoiding for decades. I think what is especially

wonderful is that she is more of a guide than an instructor. By asking questions and allowing me

space to explore the past she helped me to discover that I had the answers and compassion I

needed already. Christine’s insight was such a gift in bringing me to a more whole way of living that

integrates those parts of me I was keeping inside, and I am able to be much more authentic now, as I

was created to be. Thanks Christine!”

- Janna

Empowered Moms AND Empowered Women

Empowered Moms AND Empowered Women

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You’ve got options. If any of this is resonating with you, whether you’re a mom or not, or you are just curious to see if a transformative, interactive coaching program like this can work for any other area of your life then I welcome and invite you to join me on a journey designed specifically for you.

Wherever you are at or if you feel drawn to any of what I shared, I have other options that I’d love to share with you so please click below for your free life assessment and we can connect to see what may work for you.

Remember, YOU matter.